A variety of storage shelves are clearly and reasonably used


For the use of storage shelves, there are many types an […]

For the use of storage shelves, there are many types and wide applications, ranging from large enterprises to small companies, supermarkets, etc., and the shelf products are diversified, the structure design is diversified, and the uses are wide. How to clearly identify the needs and use them reasonably. Shanghai shelves briefly describe the types of storage shelves.


Choose wire rod rack
(1) Bearing weight: The shelf is used to store items. First of all, the weight bearing must be considered. If the weight is not enough, the shelf is not only easy to bend and deform, but also may cause damage to the stored items and cause direct losses. The load-bearing capacity of the flexible tube rack refers to the load-bearing capacity of each layer. For example, the load-bearing capacity of a flexible tube rack is 500KG. If there are four layers, the load-bearing capacity of the entire rack is 2 tons, and the warehouse staff cannot overload it. .

(2) Flexible tube shelf length and width: According to the actual needs of customers (including warehouse size, placement method, etc.), choose the flexible tube shelf that suits you. If you are not sure, you can ask professionals to measure it on the spot. Conventional flexible pipe racks on the market have dimensions of L2000*W600*H2000mm, and can have any number of main and sub-frame assemblies.

(3) The purpose of the shelf: The purpose of the shelf is also a factor that consumers need to consider. Imagine that if the customer originally only needed a shuttle shelf, but bought a beam type, it would not only cause a loss of funds, but also a waste of resources.

Choose supermarket shelves
Supermarket shelves pay attention to the color, the angle of display, the matching of lighting, and the practical and durable type, which is more diversified to attract customers to buy. When choosing a supermarket shelf, pay attention to that brightly colored products should have darker shelves; lighter products should have darker shelves; and darker products should have lighter shelves. The color matching between the shelf and the product needs to be a foil.

Commodity shelves must be guaranteed to have sufficient lighting, which promotes the sales of commodities. The lighting of general stores adopts the common lighting method of the whole and the part: local lighting fixtures will be added on and inside the merchandise cabinet, merchandise shelf and merchandise cabinet to ensure the clarity of the merchandise. Collecting materials from different places can provide an effective reference for the design of Shanghai supermarket shelves. Who can control its application materials, who can get inspiration from the materials, and thus get more new ideas about shelf creativity.


Choose heavy shelves
To purchase heavy-duty shelves, you must understand the drawings of the heavy-duty shelves and the use effect diagrams of the heavy-duty shelves, and you can intuitively understand the situation of the shelves. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, you should pay attention to:

①: The shelf installation should be constructed according to the drawing. When any discrepancies in the site or design are found during construction, they should be raised in time, and construction can only be carried out after approval of the change.
②: The general installation and acceptance of the shelf must ensure the quality and safety, and whether the shelf size, load-bearing and thickness meet the standards.
③: The various measuring and testing instruments, instruments, meters and equipment used in the shelf installation should comply with the current national measurement regulations, and their accuracy level shall not be lower than the accuracy level required by the installation.
④: The concealed project before the shelf installation should be inspected before the concealed project, and the construction can be continued after being qualified.
⑤: Self-inspection should be carried out during shelf installation.

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