Composition of warehouse shelves


The customization of warehouse shelves is actually the […]

The customization of warehouse shelves is actually the selection of parts. The shelves are assembled from parts. Warehouse shelves are mainly composed of column groups, shelves, beams, and welding plates. The colors can be customized. The key is the quality of the materials. In fact, the welding pads have the effect of maintaining the shelves. They are installed when the shelves are installed. This can maintain the safety of the shelves and personnel, and reduce the damage to the shelves caused by uneven forklift trucks or personnel. The method is to weld to the feet of the shelf, punch holes in the floor, and lock the shelf to the floor with screws.

Beams are parts that are created to save corporate costs. Welding and screws are not necessary. The two ends of the beams are designed as claw structures. The shelves and the holes on the columns are combined to facilitate assembly and disassembly. It can also connect several shelves together. It can adjust the height of each floor. This component is a load-bearing "new force". After the beams are clamped on the posts, the overall structure of the shelf is stable, and each floor can bear items with a load of more than 1 ton. There is no need to worry about the shelf being crushed.

The column group is welded by 2 columns, 2 diagonal braces, and 3 transverse braces. The column group cannot be disassembled. The diagonal support and horizontal support of the column can disperse the force of the column and play a stable effect. We should all know the strongest reason for the stability of the triangle. Yashang shelf manufacturer Wang Wenshengyi is the area where goods are placed. For steel laminates, we will spot-weld 5 super-strength reinforcing ribs on the reverse side to ensure that the laminates are not deformed when placing heavy objects. If it is a wooden board, there are many choices. Shanghai Yashang shelf customization must be familiar with the effects and materials of the above components, so as to acquire shelves that meet the needs of enterprises, and truly improve work efficiency and storage access efficiency.

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