Development trend of shelf industry


At present, China shelf industry is still in the develo […]

At present, China shelf industry is still in the development stage, with a single production and design technology, and there is no corresponding mature industry standard specification, and the industry area is relatively concentrated. The demanding unit can only choose the opportunity of different shelf suppliers, but not the opportunity of different shelves, because the products in the shelf industry nationwide are the same.


With the upgrading of the shelf industry, shelves have been developed that are more in line with the characteristics of commodities. For example, Shanghai Yashang Metal Products Co., Ltd. manufactures cable shelves for the cable industry, manufactures heavy-duty cantilever shelves for the steel bar industry, and designs smart racks for the air-conditioning transportation industry.


As more funds are injected into the shelf industry, it will inevitably lead to more and more enterprises carrying out standardized operations. To improve efficiency, we must start with the third profit source of logistics. The demand for shelves by various enterprises is increasing.

A comprehensive opening will inevitably bring about specialization of demand. There is demand throughout the country. In order to reduce transportation costs and installation costs, the shelf industry will inevitably spread from the current concentration to the whole country.


The domestic level of understanding of the shelf industry is not high. There are many places, such as the northeast and northwest regions, that do not understand shelves, do not understand shelves, and are at a stage where they do not know what they need. However, with the continuous development of China's economy, the deeper people understand logistics, the demand for shelves will increase day by day.

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