Different hole design of storage shelves


Warehouse shelves use steel as the main raw material, w […]

Warehouse shelves use steel as the main raw material, with large load bearing capacity, stable structure, and long service life. There are many types of shelf holes, such as butterfly holes, gourd holes, diamond holes, inverted splay holes and inverted triangular holes.

Hu Die hole: Because the hole of the pillar is shaped like a butterfly, it is named Hu Die hole. Hu butterfly hole is generally used on light shelves and medium shelves. The butterfly hole is slightly lower than the eight-hole rack with diamond holes and light shelves. However, the butterfly hole relies on the weight of the cargo and the butterfly design to make the shelf more beautiful. The bearing capacity of the reinforced beam is not weak.

Gourd hole: Because the shape of the hole is like a gourd, it is called a gourd hole. This hole type is a new hole type in recent years. The shelves using this hole type are relatively delicate, so it is often used in household shelves. Also lighter.

Inverted splay hole: The shape of the hole is inverted, so it is called an inverted splay hole. It is mostly used for heavy shelves. It has a large load and is slightly more troublesome to install.

Diamond-shaped hole: It is also named because of its shape, and it is mostly used on heavy-duty shelves. Diamond-shaped holes, also called hexagonal holes, are widely used. The reason is that this kind of shelf hole is very good and the structure is reasonable. It matches the corresponding shelf column card and becomes the best shelf combination. This type of pass can also be inverted. For example, the column at the bottom of the shelf is deformed by a forklift, which poses a safety hazard and affects the normal. Just install the column to disassemble, invert, and then use it normally without replacing the column, which can save costs.

 Inverted triangle hole: The hole shape is like an inverted triangle, so it is called an inverted triangle hole, which is mostly used for heavy shelves.

Although there are many types of shelf holes, diamond holes are commonly used at present, followed by butterfly holes.

The shelves we use, including supermarket shelves, civilian shelves, and industrial shelves, have regular holes in the shelves and other places. The shapes of the holes are the same, some are butterfly holes, some are drop holes, and some are diamond holes. For industrial storage shelves, diamond-shaped holes are mostly used.

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