Gravity shelf characteristics and its application fields


Gravity shelves, also known as self-gravity shelves, ar […]

Gravity shelves, also known as self-gravity shelves, are a type of heavy-duty shelf that evolved from a tray-type shelf that uses a drum track or a bottom wheel tray with a slanted angle. The weight of the goods can be used to automatically slide from the import to the other end. The biggest advantage of gravity-based shelves is their increased space utilization. The shelf is mainly used for the storage of small quantities of large quantities of similar goods, and more for the sorting system, which is a widely used shelf type in modern logistics systems.

Gravity shelf features:

In the gravity-type shelf warehouse, each channel is an inventory channel, and must have a certain slope to ensure that the cargo unit loaded from the storage port end can automatically move to the outlet end under the action of its own weight. There is a stop device at the library end. After taking the first cargo out of the library, each cargo unit behind it will be replenished to the outbound end by gravity.

1. Goods in the gravity-based racking system follow the first in, first out.

2. Put the goods into the warehouse, the goods will slide down to the low end in their own gravity, and the goods will be taken out from the low end. The process of storing or storing the goods is completed. When the goods are running on the chute, under the action of the damper provided on the chute, the speed of the goods is controlled to be kept within a safe range.

3. Only one import and export channel is needed, and the storage space utilization rate is above 70%.

4. Since the gravity type shelves are carried out according to their own gravity, they are very environmentally friendly, all adopt unpowered form, no energy consumption, low noise, safe and reliable.

Gravity shelf application areas:

Gravity shelves are used in high-end warehouses. In addition, manufacturing, distribution centers, warehouse-type supermarkets, etc. are also used. Gravity-type shelves mainly have large functions. The first is the storage function, which can store a large amount of storage, and is mainly storage-based shelves; the second is used as a sorting shelf in the sorting and distribution operations of distribution centers, transshipment centers, warehouses and stores. It can also be used on the parts supply line of the production line.

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