Gravity shelves for heavy shelves


Gravity shelves are also called self-gravity shelves. T […]

Gravity shelves are also called self-gravity shelves. They belong to heavy shelves and evolved from pallet shelves. They are suitable for the storage of similar goods in small quantities and large quantities. The space utilization is extremely high. The depth and number of gravity shelves can be as required. It depends.

Gravity shelves are pallet-type storage shelves in storage shelves. Gravity shelves use first-in-first-out storage, and shelf depth and number of layers can be determined as needed. Gravity shelves are suitable for the storage of similar goods in small quantities and large quantities, and the space utilization rate is extremely high.

Gravity shelves are also called roller-type shelves, which belong to the pallet storage shelves in the storage shelves. Gravity shelves are one of the derivatives of beam shelves. The structure of the shelves is similar to that of beam shelves, except that a roller track is installed on the beam, and the track is inclined at 3-5 °. Pallet cargo is transferred to the shelf loading port by a forklift. Using its own weight, the pallet automatically slides from the inlet to the loading port at the other end. Gravity shelves are first-in, first-out storage.

What is the arrangement of the gravity rack warehouse? Generally speaking, in a gravity-type warehouse, the shelves are arranged in a row, each channel is a storage channel, and it already has a certain slope, and the cargo unit that is automatically loaded from the storage entrance by the storage equipment can be self-weighted. Under the action of the robot, it will automatically move to the storage end, and it will not be finished until the storage end of the aisle or stops when it touches the stored cargo unit. There is a stopper at the storage end of the aisle. It is worth noting that when the first cargo unit at the outbound end is taken away, each cargo unit behind it will make up to the outbound end in turn under the action of gravity. Structurally, in order to ensure the flexibility of such a warehouse system, friction reduction devices must be provided for each inventory channel. Measures such as adding rollers to shelves or storing trays with rollers can be implemented.

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