Heavy shelf quality identification and purchase skills


Heavy-duty shelving is one of the more shelf products u […]

Heavy-duty shelving is one of the more shelf products used by more manufacturers. There are various types of beam shelves, drive-in shelves, narrow lane (lane) shelves, etc., which use a column and beam to fully assemble the structure of load-bearing goods, with a large load-bearing capacity and a picking rate of 100%.
Heavy shelf quality identification:

01/Look at shelf materials: Heavy-duty shelves are basically made of cold-rolled steel. Only qualified materials can produce qualified shelves.

02/Look at the surface of the shelf: Observe the assembled sample shelf, whether the surface spray treatment is uniform and has strong adhesion, and observe whether the plastic spray is missing in all parts of the entire shelf, especially the holes.

03/Look at the shelf structure: observe whether the assembled sample shelf is bent, the joints and other places are even, without obvious gaps.

04/Look at the welding process of the shelf: Observe whether the welding joint is even and full, and it is best to be fish-scaled. You also need to see if there is any leakage welding.

Tips for buying heavy shelves:

(1) Look at the loading and unloading equipment: heavy-duty shelves are heavy, and normally use forklifts to load and unload shelves. This requires the purchaser to inform the shelf manufacturer when purchasing the shelves, so as to plan the shelves according to the parameters of the forklift, such as shelf aisle and so on.

(2) Look at the shipping frequency of shelves: some specific industries may have higher requirements for shipping frequency, and this is also very important when purchasing a heavy-duty shelf type, because different types of shelves meet different shipping frequencies For example, the picking rate of beam shelf is 100%, but the space utilization rate is average.

(3) Look at the load level of the warehouse floor: This number is very important. If the warehouse floor load is only 1 ton and the shelf load is 5 tons, then the ground must sink or deform, and the heavy will even collapse, causing a safety accident. Do not simply consider building high-level shelves to save space, but also consider the basic weight of high-level shelves to store materials.

(4) Look at the types of goods and the containers that are loaded: Heavy-duty racks are mostly used to store pallet goods, which is convenient for forklifts to access. As a shelf manufacturer, we usually need to understand the weight of pallet goods and the height of goods plus pallets. We need to understand the specific dimensions of the pallet, and then design the length and depth of the shelf according to the pallet size; as a purchase, before selecting the shelf, you must understand these dimensions before the supplier can plan the shelf size.

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