Heavy storage shelves and medium storage shelves


Heavy shelf is a very widely used shelf type in the sto […]

Heavy shelf is a very widely used shelf type in the storage and logistics industry. There is only one word difference between the medium shelf and the heavy shelf.

First of all, the difference between heavy shelves and medium-sized shelves can be seen from the name. Heavy-duty storage shelves carry heavier weights, generally carrying more than 1 ton per floor, and medium-sized storage shelves carry lighter weight. In addition, there are three differences between heavy storage shelves and medium storage shelves. Generally, the selection of storage shelves is based on various economic and utility factors to determine the most appropriate type of storage shelves, the appearance and size of stored goods, and the selection of storage shelf specifications. The amount of savings goods directly affects what type of strength storage shelves are used. Accessibility and savings density usually correspond. In other words, in order to obtain a higher saving density, the accessibility of the goods must be sacrificed accordingly.

That is how to choose the right shelf type for different warehouse environments and diverse needs.

1. Composition structure

Medium-sized storage shelves are mainly composed of beams, columns, and shelves. They are used to store relatively small items. Sometimes, small items need to be considered. Containers such as cartons or parts boxes can be designed on the shelves. The components are uprights and beams, which are used to store pallet goods. The size of the shelf space is designed according to the storage target and the size of the pallet. To prevent the forklift from colliding with the shelf, some anti-collision columns and anti-collision fences will be added.

2. Shelf height

Medium-sized storage shelves are usually accessed manually by people, and the height of the shelves is more considered by the height of the manual and the height of the ascended vehicles, which are mostly less than 3 meters; heavy storage shelves are usually accessed by forklifts, the shelf height is mainly Considering the available net height of the warehouse and the lifting height of the forklift, most of them are more than 3 meters, and some heavy heavy shelves can reach more than ten meters.

3. Installation and removal

The medium-sized storage shelves have a general load-bearing capacity. They can be placed directly in accordance with the plan layout during installation, and it is also convenient and quick during disassembly. Generally, customers can install and disassemble them by referring to the drawings, which is very convenient. The heavy-duty storage shelves have a large load capacity and high height. In order to ensure the stability and safety of the shelf, holes need to be punched during installation, the shelf is fixed to the ground with expansion bolts, and the expansion bolts need to be pulled up during disassembly. Therefore, the installation of heavy storage shelves requires professional shelf installers. To be done.

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