High-density storage shelf system features and operating methods


In recent years, land resources have become increasingl […]

In recent years, land resources have become increasingly tight, and warehouse rents have risen continuously. With the continuous improvement of high-density automated storage systems, there are still many manually managed warehouses in high-level warehouses, and the demand for more storage spaces in the same area is becoming stronger. Yashang storage shelf introduces the characteristics and operating methods of two high-density storage shelf systems.


The first one: shuttle racking system

In the shuttle rack warehouse, the racks are also arranged in aisles, and each aisle is also an inventory aisle, but no slope is set. Each aisle is equipped with a track for the shuttle car. The shuttle car reciprocates in the lane and is automatically stored. Picking up and moving goods improves logistics efficiency. Forklifts can move shuttles to different lanes. A multi-channel shared one shuttle, and the shuttle can cooperate with stacker, automatic forklift or AGV to automatically carry out different trains and different The exchange between layers and different channels, the scheduling is more flexible and the degree of automation is higher.

The second type: gravity racking system

In a gravity rack warehouse, the racks are arranged in aisles and each aisle is an inventory aisle with a certain slope. The cargo unit loaded from the entrance end of the warehouse can automatically move to the exit end under the effect of its own weight. A stop device is provided at the exit end of the passage until it reaches the exit end of the passage or when it touches the stored cargo unit to stop. After the first cargo unit at the outbound end is taken away, each cargo unit behind it is sequentially filled to the outbound end under the action of gravity. Structurally, in order to ensure the flexibility of this warehouse system, it is required that each inventory channel be equipped with a friction-reducing device, such as adding rollers to the shelves, or storing pallets with rollers.

Because these two high-density storage shelf systems have a relatively large initial investment cost, the enterprise should make a budget and control it reasonably in the early stage of construction!

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