How to place commodity shelves


Let's talk about the placement method of commodity shel […]

Let's talk about the placement method of commodity shelves below:

According to psychological research results, people’s vertical field of vision is wider than horizontal field of vision, and vertical movement of the line of sight is more convenient than horizontal movement. In the merchandise display, the traditional horizontal display method is changed to the vertical display method, so that the displayed art generates artistic sales. Commodities should be displayed on the shelf where customers can easily pick up the goods. Strive for a well-taught display point and strive to enable customers to pick up the goods from different locations and directions. Different stores receive different proportions of the three types of customers. For industries that purchase by name, for example, many customers received by pharmacies are purposeful shoppers, and the interior layout should be functional first. Customers choose to buy in a certain range, such as stationery stores, food stores, etc. The design should focus on organization and order.

Compare the industries you choose to buy, such as fashion stores, jewelry stores, and toy stores. The design should make the space environment attractive. Ensure that there are more than 80% of the remaining goods on the shelf to facilitate the purchase of customers; avoid mixing different types of goods. The interior layout of the business hall is also very particular. First of all, the zoning design should be carried out according to the category of the goods of China Railway Express. The goods of the entire first storey should be evenly distributed, so as to avoid being crowded in the east or being too heavy in the north and south. Supermarkets are decorated in food-oriented supermarkets. Generally, foods necessary for daily life are arranged in population areas to attract customers and facilitate purchases. Some products such as chewing gum, cigarettes, magazines and so on are often arranged at the exits, and they are reserved for customers to buy when they queue for payment; Food supermarkets highlight major commodities.

Consumer attention can be divided into two types: intentional attention and unintentional attention.

Consumers' unintentional attention refers to consumers who have no clear goals or objectives, and are involuntarily paid attention to certain commodities due to the influence of external stimuli. This kind of attention does not require the effort of human will, and it has great significance in stimulating consumer buying behavior. Shelves are essential things in supermarkets and modern warehouses.

Supermarkets make full use of the shelves, on the one hand, it can enhance the image of the supermarket, on the other hand, it can expand the limited space and increase sales. In addition to increasing the inventory capacity, the other important role of storage shelves is to increase the efficiency of goods circulation. With the fierce competition in supermarkets and the rapid development of modern industry, it is extremely important to use shelves to improve the layout of the supermarket and increase the efficiency of warehouse management.

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