How to plan to design heavy shelves


Generally, most of the heavy storage shelves are placed […]

Generally, most of the heavy storage shelves are placed on pallets, so the standard of heavy storage shelves is usually determined according to the size of the pallets used. Under normal circumstances, heavy shelves will have two pallets on each floor, that is, two cargo spaces. It is not recommended to put three pallets (unless the pallets are small), and the goods placed on the pallets do not exceed the pallets. Then we can calculate the length and width of the shelf. For example, the size of the tray is a (1100mm)*b (1200mm). The 1200mm side is the direction for the forklift to access the goods. Here we refer to the direction of the pallet fork.

1. Height of the shelf H = net height d*n (number of layers) per layer + top height 400~600mm + beam height *n net height per floor d = height of the station + 200mm; this 200mm is the fork height of the forklift, the first It is for the convenience of accessing goods; the height of the beam *n refers to the height of the material of the beam itself, and the demand is accounted for; the height of the top layer only needs to be reserved for 400~600mm.
2. The width of the shelf is: W=a-(2*100)mma-(2*100)mm means that the width of the shelf should be less than 200mm of the width of the tray. This plan is to prevent the forklift from being completely accurate during operation. The operation causes the tray and the goods to fall and fall, posing a safety hazard.
3. The net length of the shelf is: L (inside) = 2b + 3 * 1002b is the length of two pallets (because it is 1200mm direction), 3*100 is the working space of 100mm in each adjacent empty space. The first priority is to take advantage of the goods and increase power.
1. The height of the beam on the top layer of the heavy-duty storage shelf cannot be greater than the highest value that the forklift can fork.
2. The maximum height of heavy-duty shelves cannot be greater than the height of the warehouse.

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