Light shelves dominate supermarket shelves


Light shelves are a type of storage shelves, shelf shel […]

Light shelves are a type of storage shelves, shelf shelves type. Light-duty shelves have been polished for several years, and now have the potential to become supermarket shelves, and are being accepted by the majority of supermarkets. Light shelves are distinguished and named according to the carrying capacity of the shelves. According to this classification principle, the load capacity of light shelves in all storage shelves is small. Usually the shelf load is ≦ 150kg / layer (most of the shelf load is calculated by the load capacity of the layer).

Three smart advantages of light shelves:
01 / Surface sprayed plastic surface is smooth and smooth, no welding points, beautiful and generous.
02 / No welding required, beams, columns, and shelves can be disassembled and spliced. Easy to carry and clean.
03 / The cost is much lower than the display counter, which is suitable for large-scale supermarket bulk purchases.

It can be seen that because of its lightness, detachability, and good bearing capacity, coupled with the development of plastic spraying technology, the design of the structure has gradually become a representative product of beautiful and elegant supermarket shelves.

Light shelf is a very economical and practical warehouse shelf. Because of its light weight, it is often called light shelf. The shelf is composed of three kinds of components: column pieces, beams, and laminates. The light-duty shelf adopts a screw-free combined design, which is convenient and quick to install and disassemble. It is suitable for storing some light and small items. It is a kind of shelf. The structure of the light shelf is the same as that of the medium one, which can be disassembled and self-assembled. The layer height can be adjusted freely at a distance of 5cm, but its material specifications are relatively small and the load capacity is relatively small. The price of this light shelf is relatively economical and the structure is relatively universal. Shelves should be stable and reliable. Within a span of 1500cm, it can carry 100-250kg. The surface is spray-treated, beautiful and clean. Suitable for storage of light and medium-sized items and manual access.

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