Problems to be considered in the design of cold storage shelves


The fundamental driving force behind the development of […]

The fundamental driving force behind the development of China's storage shelves is the rapid development of the Chinese economy. However, today's shelf industry is no longer an era of winning by volume. Shelves are now in a critical period of change from making to selling. Only by producing good products and perfect after-sales service can they gain a foothold in this industry. "Without paying attention to the product quality and service upgrade of shelves, shelf companies have only a dead end. "One", the lack of shelf management ideas, restricts the development of shelf career. Main product series: heavy shelves, drive-in shelves, medium-sized shelves, cold storage shelves, shuttle shelves, attic shelves, cantilever shelves, steel structure platforms, etc.

If the general storage shelves are used in cold storage, or in low temperature environments, when designing the shelf factory, it is necessary to fully consider the impact of the environment on the safety of the cold storage shelves, as well as the requirements of the low temperature on the rust prevention function of the shelves. Generally, the shelves in the cold storage will use high-level shelves, that is, so-called three-dimensional shelves, and even automation is implemented on this basis. The temperature of the cold storage is very low, and the general temperature is below -16 degrees Celsius, so the heat preservation function and shelf of the cold storage The rationality of the design is very important. The former can reduce the cost of electricity, and the latter can improve work efficiency in terms of goods in and out.

The use of shelves in large-scale cold storage must consider the cost of the cold storage itself, and the maximum utilization of space is the top priority of the shelf drawing scheme. Cold storage can be divided into production, distribution and retail. And most shelves are used in distribution cold storage. In the ultra-low temperature environment, the physical characteristics of steel have changed greatly, so the safety function of the shelf cannot be measured at room temperature in the ultra-low temperature cold storage.

In order to make the cold storage shelf more durable and more attentive, in the production of cold storage shelves, usually the raw materials are deliberately controlled and the appearance is handled. In the application of powder, very good powder is selected. It is also different from ordinary shelves, and strives to reach the maximum shelf life.

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