Product features of heavy shelves in plant


The Heavy Shelves in the plant are also called pallet r […]

The Heavy Shelves in the plant are also called pallet racks, which have the characteristics of heavy load-bearing capacity, large range of height adaptability, mechanical access, and high selection efficiency. There are many kinds of items that can be stored, and with trays and various accessories, it can solve the problem of access to most materials. Access machinery includes: counterbalanced forklift, reach forklift, and stacker.

Features of heavy shelf products:

1. The column pieces of the heavy shelves are connected by uprights, cross braces, and diagonal braces with bolts; the column pieces are inserted into the P-type closed beam to form the shelf frame, which is fixed by safety pins, and the structure is simple and reliable; the steel laminate is placed on the cross beam Form the whole shelf. Each layer can be adjusted freely up and down in 50mm steps.

2. Normally, the goods are stored on the shelf for storage after being assembled through unit equipment such as pallets and storage cages. The load of each unit is generally within 4000kg, and each layer usually puts two units. The shelves can be used alone, or can be arranged freely in the form of main and auxiliary shelves.

3. Heavy shelvess can determine the layer load requirements with the size of the beam, the thickness of the laminate, and the number of stiffeners. The upper limit of the layer load can reach 2500kg/layer when the relative length and material selection requirements are met.
4. The laminate can be made of strip steel laminate or wood laminate, which has strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, simple replacement and low cost.

5. In general, the height of the heavy shelvess should not exceed 12 meters, and attic racks can be built on the basis of the racks.

6. The unit shelf span is generally within 4m, the depth is within 1.5m, the shelf height of low and high warehouses is generally within 12m, and the shelf height of super-high warehouses is generally within 30m (such warehouses are basically automated warehouses, and the total shelf height is determined by Several sections of uprights within 12m).

7. Use mechanical handling equipment for storage operations. (Balanced forklift, reach forklift, stacker.)

8. It is one of the more common and commonly used shelves, suitable for most warehouses or product goods.

9. It has the characteristics of arbitrary picking of goods. Handling machinery such as forklifts can reach any cargo position for storage operations, and storage operations are convenient and fast

10. According to the different use environment, it can be surface treated, sprayed, galvanized, or stainless steel.

The scope of application of heavy shelves:

1. Pallet racks are widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, distribution centers and other fields. They are not only suitable for multi-variety and small-batch items, but also for small-variety and large-batch items.

2. The pallet rack has the characteristics of low cost, safety and reliability, simple and convenient assembly and disassembly;

3. It is suitable for manual storage and retrieval of box-type goods, or supporting scattered heavy goods with parts boxes and turnover boxes.

4. Often used in the logistics industry.

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