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With the rapid development of modern warehousing and lo […]

With the rapid development of modern warehousing and logistics industry, the utilization rate of warehousing and logistics auxiliary equipment, which is the most basic of the warehousing and logistics industry, is also getting higher and higher. Although modern storage shelves are well-placed from material to craftsmanship, long periods of use will inevitably lead to some problems. How to deal with the maintenance and prolong the service life of storage shelves has become the top priority of enterprises and businesses. Life.

From the surface maintenance of the shelf

Shelves in warehouses, especially small and medium-sized warehouses, have many uncertain factors, and are susceptible to a lot of interference and surface problems. For example, moisture, rust, dust, etc. If the shelf has peeling and rust problems, these places should be treated in time and sprayed with protective paint to treat these parts evenly to prevent secondary problems. At the same time, the warehouse should do timely and targeted ventilation, and maintain a certain air flow to prevent excessive humidity or other conditions. At the same time, dust falling on the shelf is also a necessary thing to maintain. Dust not only easily contaminates the product, but also adversely affects the use of the shelf, such as the contamination on the shelf's label or the fixed components The operation of management personnel causes trouble, and should be timely and effectively cleaned up when it is not serious.

Shelf maintenance from daily details

Maintenance in detail often plays a key role. The thing on the shelf often can't see why, and paying attention to details can avoid many problems. People-oriented, daily operations should be strictly carried out in accordance with the specified good storage management specifications, system standards, operation standards, and details specifications. Avoid contempt and fluke management issues. Normally, the warehouse should implement the regular display of hygiene and goods to every detail processing scope, so as to be as consistent as possible.

Maintenance from the physical protection of the shelf

This kind of maintenance is mainly manifested in allowing the shelves to operate within a reasonable load and avoiding unnecessary shelf safety issues. Especially for storage shelves, each type has its own design standards, and the load range is limited. In actual use, this requirement should be followed, try not to exceed the standard, and avoid deformation of the shelves and other self-safety issues. Should follow the principle of light weight on the bottom of the shelf, that is to put heavy objects on the bottom and light things on the top. In addition, when treating shelves, it is necessary to take necessary preventive measures to prevent physical accidental damage. Such as anti-collision net, anti-collision bar settings.

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