Six basic properties of heavy-duty shelves with stable performance


Heavy shelves are the mainstream form of shelves in tod […]

Heavy shelves are the mainstream form of shelves in today's society. The movable shelves mainly have the following characteristics: convenient transportation, low cost and simple installation. Heavy shelves are shelves used in warehouses. There are many types of beam shelves, drive-in shelves, narrow aisle shelves, etc. It has a fully assembled structure that supports columns and beams to carry goods. It has a large load capacity and a 100% picking rate .

Six basic properties of heavy shelves:

① The auxiliary equipment is the simplest and the lowest cost, and can be quickly installed and disassembled.

② Each pallet can be stored or moved separately without moving other pallets.

③ It can adapt to a variety of shipping machinery and buildings.

④ Can adapt to various types of shelves.

⑤ The height of the beam can be adjusted according to the requirements of the cargo size.

⑥ Large cargo circulation and fast loading and unloading.

Heavy shelves are generally used in some industrial fields to store some large physical raw materials or semi-processed parts. They are compatible with industrial and technological development, and the current large-scale economic development has increasingly promoted industrial development. Production is moving towards socialization, specialization and centralization.

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