The advantages and disadvantages of corridor shelves


Analysis and comparison of the advantages and disadvant […]

Analysis and comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of corridor shelves


The shelves in the warehouse can be laid out in many forms. Many factories use corridor shelves. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this layout?

Corridor shelves have a high utilization rate of space, which is also an important reason why large and small factories are willing to choose it. Even if it is not a large warehouse, it can make full use of the three-dimensional space, which is equivalent to saving money for the enterprise. At the same time, this kind of shelf can also improve work efficiency, especially the more common two-way corridor. Forklifts can go directly from one end to the other. This feature fully reduces the squeeze of goods and is much more convenient when looking for targets.

The disadvantage of this kind of shelf is that the initial investment is relatively high, and it will also occupy the floor space. Some small factories will use the bottom of the storage space for other purposes, so you need to consider other shelf layouts.


Generally speaking, the corridor type shelf is a kind of shelf with obvious advantages, and is also suitable for a variety of production and storage environments. But during the use period, we must pay attention to protection, and prepare materials for maintenance in advance.

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