The advantages and disadvantages of heavy-duty shelves comparable to other shelves


The reason why heavy-duty shelves can be quickly loved […]

The reason why heavy-duty shelves can be quickly loved by enterprises and users is that their advantages are due to their structural columns and beams, which are simple in structure and versatile. What are the other advantages of heavy-duty shelves compared to other types of shelves?


Heavy shelves

The advantages of heavy-duty shelves compared to other shelves:

(1) The selection rate is 100%: the heavy-duty racks have channels between each row of racks, and the forklift can directly reach any cargo location for access operations, realizing the first-in first-out operation mode. The width of the heavy-duty rack aisle is determined according to the specifications of the forklift and the turning radius. Generally, the width of the aisle in one-way operation is the width of one-way transportation equipment (including the width of the transported goods) + 0.6 meters, and the width of the aisle in the two-way operation is the width of the transportation equipment (including the transported goods Width) * 2 + 0.9 meters.

(2) The structure is simple: the heavy-duty racks are fully assembled with frames (two uprights, two horizontal rods, a number of diagonal rods and foot plates) + beams, in which the beams mainly connect the two frames to form a whole . In addition, heavy-duty racks are accessed by forklifts. In order to prevent the racks from being damaged by greater impact, a protection column will be installed at the front of each row of racks, which can play a good role in protection.

(3) Low cost: the price of each pallet position of heavy-duty shelves is only 160 yuan, while the prices of other shelves are relatively high. The price of each pallet position of shuttle racks is more than 350 yuan, and each position of gravity type shelves The price is more expensive and may be as high as 800 yuan.

(4) High access efficiency: Heavy-duty racks use forklifts to access goods. Compared with other manual access-based rack types, the work efficiency is high, and the labor intensity of employees is low. They are widely used in storage, logistics and other fields. application.

Heavy shelves

Disadvantages of heavy-duty shelves such as shoulder-to-shoulder:

01 / Space utilization ratio 30% -35%: The utilization ratio of heavy-duty shelf space is relatively low, which is lower than other types of shelves stored in unitized pallets. The utilization ratio of double-depth shelf space is 45% ~ 60%; The utilization rate is 45% ~ 60%; the utilization rate of push-type shelf space is 60%; the utilization rate of drive-in shelf space is 60% ~ 70%; the utilization rate of gravity shelf and shuttle car shelf space can reach 80%.

02 / It is difficult to install: the structure of heavy-duty racks is relatively simple, but they are usually the types of racks used with forklifts, which are generally relatively high, and some even reach more than 10 meters. The greater the difficulty.

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