The advantages of heavy beam racking


Heavy beam racks, also known as pallet racks or space r […]

Heavy beam racks, also known as pallet racks or space racks, are usually called heavy racks. It is common in various household storage rack systems. The plug-in combined structure adopts imported cold tandem rolling mill. The column plate is an assembled structure, and the beam-column connection is a plug-in type. Equipped with a safety pin with strong self-locking ability to ensure the safe and reliable connection of beams and columns during the use and operation of the forklift. The height of the shelf layer can be adjusted arbitrarily every 75/50 mm pitch and can be used. The load of each layer of the shelf can reach 4000 kg. The goods are placed on the pallet and stored by the forklift, which is convenient and flexible. It can be equipped with a forward battery forklift and a balance heavy battery forklift. Ordinary forklifts and stackers (when the shelves are low); if double-depth forward forklifts are used, the shelves can be arranged in four rows and are together, usually called this type of shelf. It is a double-depth beam rack. Shelf beams can sometimes be laid with steel, wood, and mesh panels to select bottom goods. This racking system is a commonly used storage system, which is widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics, distribution centers, warehouse supermarkets and other fields. It is not only suitable for a variety of small-volume commodities, but also for small-variety and large-volume commodities. Such shelves are widely used in high-rise warehouses, and are mostly used in automated warehouses.

For this kind of racking system, containerization and unitization must be carried out first, that is, packaging the goods and their weight and other characteristics, and determining the type, specification and size of the pallet. And the unit weight and stacking height (unit weight is generally within 2000kg), and then according to the effective height and fork of the lower edge of the warehouse roof truss, determine the unit shelf span, depth and layer spacing. The height of the truck fork determines the height of the shelf. The unit shelf span is generally less than 4 meters, and the depth is less than 1.5 meters. The shelf height of general high-rise warehouses is less than 12 meters, and the shelf height of super high-rise warehouses is generally less than 30 meters (this type of warehouse is basically an automated warehouse, and the total shelf height is composed of 12 meters) . This kind of shelf system has high space utilization, flexible access, and is convenient for computer management or control, and can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics systems.

We all know that when we do anything, we all need to follow the corresponding rules. Only by strictly complying with these regulations can we guarantee the quality of the products produced. Similarly, in the storage rack factory industry, employees also need to follow many principles. These problems will greatly affect the quality of the shelf. let us see

1. In terms of structural design, shelf manufacturers need to meet the needs of corporate customers as much as possible, so we need to know what the purpose of manufacturing warehouse shelves is and what effect we want to achieve. Then it is necessary to arrange technicians to evaluate the location of the enterprise warehouse in order to better understand the status quo of the warehouse and how to arrange the shelves in order to more effectively improve the business environment of the warehouse for the enterprise.

2. For some intelligent warehousing systems, only one warehouse shelf is not enough, and corresponding supporting software systems are needed to make the entire intelligent warehousing system work normally. In addition, the corresponding mechanical equipment is also essential, which is the core equipment for the entire warehouse to transport goods. For some large products with heavier weight, manual transportation is unrealistic. Therefore, we need to make full use of machinery and equipment to effectively improve the functions of the shelves.

Many people think that the design of storage shelves is a very simple thing when they first touch the shelves. In fact, this is not the case. Designing a shelf that satisfies customers actually requires a lot of preparation. Strictly following the prescribed plan can save a lot of working time.

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