The analysis of the structure of storage shelves is divided into three types


I often receive phone calls from customers asking me wh […]

I often receive phone calls from customers asking me what kind of shelves are needed. I usually don’t know whether the shelves I need are light or medium. I can only tell us exactly what goods I put and how many kilograms I put. Of course, do For the shelf manufacturers, customers can accurately mention this information. We are grateful, because we can at least imagine the approximate scheme based on the information provided. In order for customers to know their own shelf structure types clearly and accurately, briefly introduce warehousing. The structural characteristics of the shelves for reference.


Generally speaking, light warehouse shelves, medium warehouse shelves, and heavy warehouse shelves are common storage shelves. The structural characteristics of these storage shelves have the following aspects:


The first thing to talk about is the light-weight warehouse shelf. Its structural features are: universal angle steel columns, plug-in assembly structure, warehouse shelves can be combined at will, generally steel laminates, the height of the laminate is adjustable every 50 cm, easy installation and disassembly , Light and beautiful appearance, manual storage of goods, often used to store light and small items, and its small capital investment, can be widely used in electronics, light industry, supermarkets, culture and education and other industries.

For medium-sized warehouse shelves, the structural characteristics of such storage shelves: plug-in combined structure, standard set of insertion members, without a connecting bolt, warehouse shelves are easy to install and disassemble, and the shelves are cut and folded. Strongly closed steel laminates, and the ribs or reinforcing bars are spot-welded under the laminates. The layer height can be adjusted arbitrarily every 50 cm. The load of each layer of the unit shelf can reach 400 kg. Square column, number of front punchings Less, make the storage shelves more stable and elegant, widely used in all walks of life.


The last thing to talk about is the structural characteristics of the heavy-duty warehouse shelves. It is a plug-in combination beam-type shelf shelf, which is a stepped beam. Generally, it can be configured with steel laminates or wooden laminates. The layer height is arbitrary every 50 mm. Adjustable, the load of each layer of the unit shelf can reach 800 kg, and the size can be tailored according to customer needs. The structural characteristics of this storage shelf are suitable for manufacturing and other industries

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