The classification of storage shelves is divided


Gravity shelves, also known as mobile shelves, are a st […]

Gravity shelves, also known as mobile shelves, are a storage system that uses the gravity of stored goods to achieve movement of goods in the direction of storage depth, and is mostly used in picking systems. Often used in conjunction with fluent devices and roller tables, with an inclined arrangement. Adopt the "first-in-first-out" type access mode. When inventory is in stock, the pallets are sent to the chute from the high end of the shelf slope. They are lowered by the guide wheels and stored one by one. take. Pallet cargo flows in and out in each slideway in turn, so it is especially suitable for vulnerable cargo and large quantities of goods of the same type and short-term storage. The warehouse utilization rate is extremely high and the operating cost is low, but there are special requirements for the aisle logistics layout.

Shelves refer generally to shelves for storing goods. Jinan storage shelves are used to store pieces of storage equipment. Display shelves refer to various display-shaped appliances such as cupboards, shelves, cabinets, boxes, etc.which are displayed and placed in the business hall of the store. Can be divided into supermarket shelves, storage shelves, display shelves according to use. Storage shelves are divided into light, medium shelves, heavy shelves, and other categories.

The shelf with the highest space utilization, the warehouse roof inner shelf, it is one of the warehouse shelves of the modern factory warehouse warehouse. It can use large and small warehouses, build attic platforms in the original warehouse, and use the high space of the warehouse to improve the management and storage of goods. effectiveness. The space utilization rate reaches 90%, which is suitable for a wide range of fields such as production workshops, offices, warehouses, third-party logistics, and large machinery and equipment management.

The unit coffers have a large storage area. Gravity shelves can store goods on a large scale, and the range of storage of goods is also large. From light and small objects under 1kg to small containers, gravity shelves can be used. Due to the high density of gravity shelves, the number of channels in the warehouse is reduced, and the utilization rate of the warehouse is improved. The running distance of Jinan storage rack in and out tools is short. Since the gravity racks fix the position of entering and leaving the warehouse, the carrying tools do not need to pass through the aisle during the carrying operation. The safety of the inbound and outbound operations is high. Since the storage operation and the storage operation of the gravity rack are completely separated, the transportation tools do not cross each other, do not interfere with each other, and the accident rate is reduced. Easy picking. Gravity shelves can ensure the first-in-first-out principle, which is conducive to the selection of goods.

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