The key factors about the usefulness of heavy shelves


Among the large categories of heavy-duty racks, beam-ty […]

Among the large categories of heavy-duty racks, beam-type warehouse racks are more typical. In industries such as industrial manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, too many warehouses have used 4 to 5 floors of beam-type shelves and high-rise shelves based on them. The beam type shelf has also become a shelf with a wider audience.


For storage shelves, there are many types of shelves on the market, and customer needs are different. However, in the face of all kinds of use needs, the right one is the best. This also requires the shelf manufacturer to choose the right one according to the actual needs of the customer. The product.


In the storage shelf customization link, purchasing warehouse shelves is a systematic matter, and every link needs to be taken seriously. The quality of the preliminary planning and design is directly related to the subsequent progress, and it is also an important factor related to the ease of use of heavy-duty shelves.


Excellent shelf manufacturers in this regard are bound to optimize the handling of every detail from the customer's point of view, actively communicate in multiple dimensions, and deal with them in multiple directions to ensure that the shelves that are made in the future are what customers really need and are used smoothly.

The materials used to make the shelves affect the usefulness of the shelves. Different materials are used in different places, and different steels are used for customized processing of different shelves, and the strength and other properties of the materials are different, which is directly reflected in the value of the shelves.


The beam-type heavy-duty racks are basically important bulk products in the warehouse. The rack load must match the maximum weight of the unit in which it is located, and it can withstand the test in long-term non-stop use. Very good shelf manufacturers are very scientific in the selection of materials, which not only meets the use requirements, but also does not cause unnecessary waste, so that both parties benefit and make the shelves easy to use.


The good or bad installation will also affect the experience of using heavy-duty shelves to a certain extent. Shelf manufacturers generally claim that it is package installation, but in fact, some are outsourcing, and some have their own shelf installation team. Compared with the two, it is obvious which one is better. Your own installation team not only speeds up the installation, but if there are some detailed problems during the installation, it will communicate and coordinate in a timely manner without embarrassing users. It is not only the installation of beam shelves, but also other shelves. After all, professional installers are professional, and the installed shelves will be more useful.

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