Types of shelves corresponding to the chemical industry


The chemical industry can generally be divided into: ch […]

The chemical industry can generally be divided into: chemical fertilizers, organic products, inorganic products, chlor-alkali, fine and special chemicals, pesticides, daily chemicals, plastic products and rubber products. These products have a wide variety of raw materials and large quantities. They need to be stored carefully. They need to be used with pallets. The heavy-duty racks have a large load capacity. There are about two pallet positions on one floor, and each layer can hold about 2 tons, which can save costs.


Heavy-duty racks are commonly known as beam racks or cargo-position racks. They belong to the category of pallet racks and are the most common type of racking in various domestic storage racking systems. The fully assembled structure in the form of column pieces + beams is concise and effective. Functional accessories such as partitions, steel laminates (wood laminates), wire mesh layers, storage cage rails, oil drum racks and other functional accessories can be installed according to the characteristics of the storage unit container equipment. Satisfy the storage of goods in the form of different unit container equipment.

Wooden pallets are the most widely used in the world. Because of their low price, high bending strength, good rigidity, large load-bearing capacity, easy repair, high precision, not easy to deform, they are reinforced with high-strength screws, will not be nailed, and firmness it is good. It has good resistance to low temperature and high temperature and has a wide range of applications. Auxiliary equipment for cargo transportation, warehouse dunks, and dampproofing of goods (easy to load and unload goods with a forklift) are ideal choices for many industries. In the chemical industry, the use of wooden pallets is more reasonable than steel pallets due to their corrosive and acidic properties.


The entire warehouse is divided into different storage and retrieval areas according to the different chemical properties of the products. The shelf colors of each area are uniform and neatly arranged. The colors of different areas are different. This not only achieves the purpose of classified storage, but also makes the warehouse colorful and rich.

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