What changes have occurred before and after the use of heavy-duty shelves?


Old-fashioned warehouse storage, now it seems that ther […]

Old-fashioned warehouse storage, now it seems that there will be a lot of inconvenience. As far as small businesses are concerned, the warehouse area is not large. When there are more goods, they need to be piled up in order to store goods as much as possible. Some goods that are in the corner all the year are easily moldy and damaged due to moisture. After using heavy-duty shelves, there will be significant changes. The warehouse will become much brighter and more organized. The goods can be placed neatly on the shelves, the lower layer can be ventilated, not directly on the ground, and the situation of dampness is reduced. It will be better to store the goods and reduce losses.

The storage capacity of the old warehouse is limited. Some goods are easy to be crushed after being stacked, and even if some heavy goods are not afraid of pressure, the amount of storage for stacking is limited. Stacking too high can cause accidental collapse and slip, posing a safety hazard. It is also very difficult for the warehouse staff to get the goods, which usually requires several people to work together. With heavy-duty shelves, you can avoid these worries and do not need too much manpower to use a forklift to complete the cargo access. And the layered placement, shelf stability and load-bearing capacity are also very good, will not cause the goods to collapse. Each layer of goods is well ventilated and moisture-proof, greatly reducing the loss of goods.

Old-fashioned warehouse storage is difficult to accurately control the inventory, because the storage is disorderly, and the goods coming in and out every day are too much and too complicated. A lot of accumulated stocks can't be well counted, unless the warehouse is cleaned up at intervals and the goods are taken out, so that the specific goods can be counted. Inadvertently, it will also cause damage to the warehouse goods of the enterprise, and may also cause losses. After using heavy-duty shelves, you can often check the goods even every day. The same type of goods are put together, and the quantity is also easy to count. This will control the situation of all goods much better, and can reduce the loss of goods caused by not counting in time.

Therefore, the role of heavy-duty shelves in warehouse storage is still very large. If enterprises want to expand their warehouses, they can continue to increase the shelves, or increase the attic shelves, and expand the space on the basis of the original shelves. These are very helpful for the storage of warehouse goods, which is convenient for enterprises to manage, and the situation of the goods can be well understood.

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