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Different kinds of metal shelves For various reasons, m […]

Different kinds of metal shelves

For various reasons, many people tend to use metal shelves instead of wooden ones. First of all, metal shelves are more economical than wooden shelves in many cases, because wooden shelves naturally involve more craftsmanship and skills. In addition, the metal shelf does not require much maintenance and can be kept clean and tidy easily. Even repairing metal shelves is much easier than repairing wooden shelves. The three very popular metal types used for shelves are stainless steel, chrome and wrought iron.


Stainless steel shelves
Steel is heavily used in shelf projects (especially in industry) because it has many advantages over other types of shelves. Indeed, steel is best suited to the working environment because it can withstand a lot of damage and high temperatures. In companies that are at risk of fire or explosion, the steel frame provides a safe alternative to other alternatives.

In the food industry, steel is also the metal of choice for shelves. Many restaurants use steel racks to store food because steel allows better air circulation and is also very strong when supporting heavy food and beverage crates. Ease of cleaning is of course another important aspect – steel can withstand scrubbing and bleaching.

Inevitably, steel shelf solutions are more expensive than other alternatives, but high-quality products always cost more. In the long run, the durability of steel shelves is likely to save a lot of money, otherwise the money could have been used to replace different shelf options.


Chrome-plated wire frame
Chrome wire shelves are known for their versatility and relative cheapness. They are also very strong and more resistant to dents than other metal shelves. Most importantly, chrome shelves can be widely used in home or industrial applications: utility rooms, garages, mud rooms, pantry, dorms and even offices. The Chrome shelf serves as both a storage unit and a display unit.

As a material, chrome is considered elegant, tasteful and clean, not to mention that it can match almost anything. If you maintain the chrome shelf unit, it can maintain its beauty and function for a long time. In addition, the chrome wire shelf is much more troublesome than other traditional furniture, and easy to assemble.

Therefore, it is recommended that people who often move from one residence to another, and those who do not have a lot of money but still want taste and quality, use chrome wire shelves.


Wrought iron shelf
In general, wrought iron furniture is considered to be the most elegant furniture style currently available, and has the characteristics of elegance, friendly design and durability. The last function is perhaps one of the best aspects of wrought iron shelves, because its durability and water resistance make it almost indestructible. A shelf made of wrought iron can withstand any weight and size without damage.

Obviously, the wrought iron shelf was also chosen for its elegance and appearance. Indeed, wrought iron furniture is usually suitable for both old-fashioned and antique decorations, as well as modern homes.


Unfortunately, wrought iron shelves can be very expensive, but in terms of steel frames, it is more worthwhile in the long run. Therefore, the quality, durability and elegance of wrought iron exceed the disadvantages of increased costs. Another possible disadvantage of this type of bookshelf is its sensitivity to environmental changes. Since iron is a good conductor, wrought iron may become too cold in cold weather and may become too hot in summer. In addition, if materials are not handled properly, they may also rust. Regular painting of iron racks will ensure that they stay in good condition for a long time.

There are different types of metal frames, the main ones being steel, chrome and wrought iron. The general advantages of metal shelves easily outweigh any disadvantages they may cause, making metal shelves a favorite of many people in homes and businesses.

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