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Steel shelf Steel shelves (also called clip shelves) ar […]

Steel shelf
Steel shelves (also called clip shelves) are one of the most popular storage products on the market. The shelf is a simple and effective storage solution for light to medium loads, and can be easily reconfigured and moved. You will see this shelving solution in warehouses, offices, garages and back offices around the world.

The shelf uses clips to connect each shelf to the upright. The clip slides into the hole of the post to provide support for the shelf.

Unfortunately, because it is a very popular storage solution, there must be many different clip styles and clip types to assemble the work rack unit. In other words, not all clip shelves are interchangeable.

There are some additional components and components for the steel frame-including partitions, side and rear panels, label racks, etc.

Steel shelf assembly
Steel shelf components and accessories
1: Corner post
Heavy steel rolling
Maximum stability due to reinforced offset ribs
Act as a "shelf" to set up rows of shelves-all external shelf posts should be corner posts
2 & 3: Beaded posts
Tubular steel design provides maximum weight support
Used as front shelf or general intermediate shelf
Double-sided structure can be placed on the shelf independently
Unique offset design maximizes shelf space and simplifies accessibility
Ideal for mezzanine
4 and 5: Rocking brackets
Use with open units to enhance stability
Can be placed on the side and / or back of the shelf unit
6: Shelf
Choose light load or heavy load according to storage needs
All shelves are flanged twice on each side, with triple flanges on the front and back
The top surface of the shelf is perforated in the center of 2 inches, adjustable partition
Also punch holes for label brackets, oblique pendulums, steel bars and front and rear angles
7: Foot plate
Close the bottom of the device to prevent missing parts
8: Label rack
Label holders make finding products easy
9 and 10: Rear panel and end panel
Turn an open shelf into a closed shelf
11: Shelf divider
Divide the shelf into different parts
12: In front of the box
Divide the enclosed shelf into several separate box compartments
13: Foot plate
Fix your shelf to the floor to increase rigidity
14: Clip / nut and bolt
Bind the shelf to the pillar

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