Different classification of shelves


1. According to the development of the shelf is divided […]

1. According to the development of the shelf is divided into:
Traditional shelves. Including: shelf, layer format shelf, drawer shelf, cabinet shelf, U-shaped frame, cantilever frame, grid frame, saddle frame, gas cylinder steel tube frame, tire special shelf and so on.
New shelves. Including: rotating shelves, mobile shelves, fabricated shelves, adjustable shelves, pallet shelves, incoming shelves, high-rise shelves, loft-style shelves, gravity shelves, screen-mounted shelves, etc.

2. According to the applicability of the shelf: general shelf; dedicated shelf

3. According to the manufacturing materials of the shelf: steel shelves; reinforced concrete cargo shelves: steel and steel coagulated mixed shelves; wooden shelves; steel and wood composite shelves.

4. According to the degree of closure of the shelf: open shelves; semi-closed shelves; closed shelves.

5. According to the structural characteristics: layer shelf; layer frame; cabinet; drawer frame; cantilever frame; tripod; grid frame.

6. Mobility according to the shelf: fixed shelf; mobile shelf; rotary shelf; combined shelf; adjustable shelf; mobile storage shelf.

7. According to the shelf structure:
The overall structure: the shelf directly supports the warehouse roof and the surrounding friends;
Split structure: shelves and buildings are divided into two separate systems.

8. According to the way of loading the shelves: cantilevered shelves; cabinet-style shelves; shed-type shelves.

9. According to the structure of the shelf:
Combination detachable shelves;
Fixed shelves. It is divided into unit shelves, general shelves, mobile shelves, and through shelves.

10. According to the height of the shelf:
Low shelf: height below 5 meters;
Middle shelf: height is 5-15 meters;
High-rise shelves: the height is more than 15 meters.

11. According to the weight of the shelf:
Heavy-duty shelves: each shelf has a load capacity of more than 500 kg;
Medium-sized shelves: each shelf (or shelf) has a carrying capacity of 150-500 kg;
Lightweight shelves: Each shelf has a load capacity of less than 150 kg.

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