How long is the storage shelf life


The service life is called the shelf life in everyday p […]

The service life is called the shelf life in everyday products. No matter what you buy, people must ensure that they buy the products within the warranty period. This will ensure the safety of the product. The same is true for storage shelves, but the shelf life is sometimes as long as several decades, so not many people will pay attention to these, and most will ask about the quality of the shelves. These are also related to the storage shelves. Life. The better the materials used on the shelves, the longer the service life. There is also the amount of goods stacked on the shelf will also affect the shelf life, so in all industries and industries will have a little indicator of life. Of course, there is another aspect that will also affect shelf use. Is the stacked goods respond to the shelves, some goods are corrosive, although the production of the shelves has these aspects of protection, but more or less will have a certain impact, this time will also reduce the use of storage shelves life.


In addition, there is a certain effect that the shelf has on the safety index of the goods. In the supermarket, some food will be directly placed on the shelf for customers to buy. At this time, the safety of the shelf to food must be considered. Clearly, shelf life is critical to consumer health and safety. When shopping, people will look at the shelf life, whether it has expired or not, not only the expiration date of the food, but also the items, and the shelf life has a specific life.

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