Talking about the characteristics of shelf shelves


Shelving rack is a kind of storage shelf widely used in […]

Shelving rack is a kind of storage shelf widely used in factories, enterprises, shops and other places. It can be divided into light, medium and heavy shelf racks according to the load capacity of each layer of the unit shelf. , It is convenient to move, disassemble and assemble, and has low requirements on the place of use. Cooperating with the ascending ladder can greatly improve the utilization rate of warehouse space. Particularly suitable for daily necessities, clothing, auto parts, electronic devices, hardware and other industries.


Fully assembled structure, convenient for assembly and disassembly, saving time: Shelf-type shelves adopt a fully assembled structure, which is composed of main frame, sub-frame, shelf, column, beam and other accessories, and the assembly and disassembly are easy to understand and convenient to save time Without any tools, you can disassemble the assembly manually. The shelves of the shelf-type shelves can also be designed based on the weight of the goods. Steel laminates and wooden laminates can be used to choose the most suitable shelf-type shelves according to the weight of their products.


Goods are convenient for manual access: Shelf shelves generally use 3 to 6 layers of manual storage to store goods, and directly store the goods in the shelf. It is suitable for storing items of many varieties, different specifications, and light weight. Conducive to the circulation speed of the goods; the total height is preferably below 2500mm.


Freely adjust the layer height to provide storage capacity: From the perspective of more users, the shelf type shelves can be adjusted freely. The adjustment interval of the shelf type shelves is freely adjusted according to the hole spacing of 50mm. Size specifications to customize the number of layers per height, increase storage capacity and warehouse capacity.


The load-bearing capacity of each layer can be customized: there are two choices of plywood and steel plate for the shelves of the shelf type. Different shelves and different customer requirements, we provide different warehouse racking schemes, tailor-made for your cargo storage, so Our load-bearing layers are customizable. The load capacity of each layer is between 100kg-800kg.

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