Which shelves are suitable for the food industry


In recent years, the food industry has become more and […]

In recent years, the food industry has become more and more inseparable, and the various rules and regulations required have become increasingly strict. And what kind of shelves do you need to store food? Shanghai Yashang Shelves Factory provides two kinds of shelves that are most suitable for the food industry.

Through shelves
Penetrating shelves are the best choice for many small and medium food industries that need to plan shelves. On the one hand, it can meet the requirements of enterprises for first-in, first-out products. On the other hand, as a penetrating shelf developed on the basis of beam shelves, The input cost of the enterprise is not too high, which is basically an acceptable range for small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, in the later stage, if the enterprise develops and grows and needs to improve the storage efficiency and utilization rate, the through-type shelves can be transformed. On this basis, Upgrade to a shuttle rack to reduce wasted investment costs.

Shuttle rack
The shuttle shelf is no stranger to the food industry. In recent years, it has gradually entered many large food companies. Its working principle is similar to that of the through-type shelves. The vehicles enter the shelves to store the shelves. The thing is that the shuttle rack is a shuttle car, and the through rack is still a traditional forklift. However, in the current domestic food industry, the shuttle rack is still prohibitive for most companies due to its high cost.

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